What are the pilates exercises that can help me elongate my torso?

Question by Q&A: What are the pilates exercises that can help me elongate my torso?

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Pilates mat method exercises. These exercises are based on six principles: centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing
movement. Also, all of the exercises are done in a sitting or reclining position to take advantage of the more normal
position of the visceral organs of the body. These mat exercises will help you to build strength and agility in a foolproof
method that is better than weight training. Here are few of the exercises covered by the Pilates mat method: * The Saw – To do this Pilates mat method exercise, sit with legs out in a V, feet flexed, and toes pointed toward
ceiling. Extend arms out to sides at shoulder level. Lift sternum, elongate spine, and drop shoulders. Rotate to face right
leg, crossing the left arm to right foot. Then, contract the abdominals and flex at hip brining torso toward knee. Alternate
between left and right sides. Repeat five times and remain body lifted until the rotation is complete. * The Hundred – This Pilates mat method exercise is about trunk flexion initiating from cervical region. You will be
asked to lie on back, extend legs in the air in line with hips, knees as straight as possible, and feet relaxed. Place arms
alongside body with palms down a few inches off floor. Lift head, neck and shoulder blades off the floor and maintain
such position. Pump arms up and down toward floor without touching and without moving your torso or legs. Inhale and
exhale for five counts. * Leg Circles – This Pilates mat method exercise is for hip rotation. Lie on back with right leg straight on floor and
left leg extended straight up to 90 degrees to hip. Arms lengthened at sides, palms and shoulders down. Contract
abdominals to bring entire back in contact with floor. Inhale and exhale slowly and rotate the left leg with pointed toes
counterclockwise. Keep the circle controlled and keep abdominals pulled in. Repeat five times and reverse direction of
circles. * Rolling Like a Ball – Sit on the mat with knees bent, legs together, forearms on lower legs and point toes. Lift
toes a few inches off floor. Balance and breathe deeply several times. Then, roll back onto shoulders and roll up to
starting position. * Swimming – This is a Pilates mat method exercise for spine extension. Just position prone with arms straight
above head, legs extended apart, tops of feet on the floor. Keep shoulder blades down and together. Inhale and exhale,
drawing abdominals in and up to stabilize torso. Lift the right arm, left leg, head, neck and chest. Alternate lifting each
arm and the opposite leg. Repeat 10 to 80 breaths. Sit back on heels with upper body and head lowered to floor and
arms stretched forward. There are originally 44 exercises that fall under the Pilates mat method classified according to their complexities. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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