POP Pilates: Serious Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques

www.blogilates.com This is some advanced Standing Pilates moves for all of you who like a good challenge. POP Pilates Instructor Cassey Ho will work your legs, butt (glutes), obliques! Music Assorted Sam & Kurt songs! Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Fan me on facebook: www.facebook.com Read my blog: www.blogilates.com Shop my designs www.ogorgeous.com
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24 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Serious Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques

  1. So will this help you get BIGGER glutes, legs, etc? I don’t need a smaller butt … at all

  2. I couldn’t do the warmup, it was too hard for me! I could do everything else,though, with a struggle. The elephant walk I do all the time for fun!

  3. this is killeerrr! my legs and butt were so sore while doing this, and even more sore the next day! loved it 🙂

  4. Im really starting to like Pilates, i thought it was like yoga-slow…but its awesome and a good burn!

  5. Omg, nearly broke my ankle doing those! So sore, think I really need to strengthen my ankles!

  6. LOVE THIS! You should do a total body standing routine,set to an all Kaskade soundtrack! please please!

  7. Hey there! Have you thought about the Fat Blast Furnace (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy burned crazy amounts of useless fat.

  8. I just tried to do slimmer inner thighs and runners calves, the corset workout, and this, and you really kicked my !@#!!! How do you do that? Do you have any before and after pics? I need something to make me want to torture myself like that again!

  9. Hi! Have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my father shed insane amounts of fat.

  10. that is exactly what i do i leave the gym and start pilates at home with cassey videos she’s pretty good i love her the best trainer ever.
    by the way: sorry if i write something wrong cause’ i talk spanish i’m from Panama city

  11. Hi Cassey, just found u this morn and I love ur workouts!!! Plz do more standing abs and butt vids….I LOVE the ab excercizes in the begining of the saddle bag blaster vid…more like this plz!!

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