Pilates Foot Exercises

Learn simple Pilates exercises that can be performed in a few minutes to realign the body from the ground up. Happy healthy feet are important to your balance, ease of movement, and help withstand the daily stresses placed on the body.

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  1. Yes, it will help with re-alignment. These exercises can help tremendously in easing foot pain and building a stronger foundation. I have a couple other videos that may be of help. “Happy and Healthy Feet Workshop” is an hour workshop that I gave on how to analyze your feet, causes, shoes and exercises. “More Pilates Foot Exercises” and “Pilates Standing Footwork” provides more exercises and clarification. If you need any other information, please let me know.

  2. I have flat feet,fallen arches,my knees go in as my over pronation does to (walking on inside of foot). This has caused me foot,knee,hip and lower back pain if I continue to do these exercises will they help me form the muscles to realign my feet,legs and body ultimately? I’m in a lot of pain but want to try things naturally before medically.Thank you

  3. Ahhh, the toes. Yes, strengthen them can be helpful. You can also pull back the toes with your fingers and press the toes to resist. The towel exercises will strengthen the toes as well. I wish you luck on building your fitness!

  4. also been told that whilst lying down and then bending the knees then holding the toes with your hands then stretching the legs out is very good. My ostiopath said my toes were very week so i think flexing them up and down would be good. thanks alot for the help. I can start building on my fitness.

  5. The stuff you’re doing sounds good. Be aware that you aren’t mainly using the toes. You want the entire foot to be working. You can think of the ball of the foot and heel to initiate movements. As well, make sure to think about the calf and shin muscle. It is easy to jam into the ankle or avoid your weaknesses and tightnesses. Try to focus on stretching the calf and pulling up from the shin when flexing up and pulling from the calf and stretcing from the shin when flexing down.

  6. have seen a ostiopath and two physiotherapists, the ostiopath was good but his clinic moved away. I practice reiki using the steve murray dvds. I also have the reiki master symbol for dai kyo mo. I have started doing ankle strengthening excerises whilst sitting down and flexing up and down the ankle joint. Also lifting my legs into a elevated position is ok.

    i will try the towel exercises as i really need to increase the strength and im sure my problem will improve

  7. Have you seen a podiatrist or a physical therapist? If not, you may want to consider it. Have you tried Reiki, massage or acupuncture? Those may be options to help relieve pain. You don’t want to put pressure on the joint. The towel exercises, pointing and flexing the foot through the biggest range of motion possible while sitting & circling the ankles are good starting points. Once you start to get relief and feel stronger, you could add the standing.

  8. i have trapped nerve problem in both my ankles/feet after a bad hillwalking accident. can you give me any advice as alot of the time (especially when sleeping) i get burning pain into my ankles.

  9. I can see how that would be confusing. You want to enage the bottom of your foot to pull the heel towards the ball of the foot while the toes stay relaxed. Once the heel slides towards the ball of the foot, you pick up the ball of the foot and toes to inch forward. You may not move at all or only slightly. The goal is to learn how to connect with the muscles of the feet to strengthen the arch. If this is still confusing, please let me know. Thanks!

  10. Glad I can help! If you have any questions about the exercises of have another topic you want suggestions on, please let me know. I love to be inspired by your questions!

  11. I was looking for videos for my son (11 year old) flat feet. We have been working with the towel but you added a lot of new ideas to it. That was well done video! I agree though that with better audio it would have been even better. thanks!

  12. Thanks for the extra tips, and overall, thanks for your attention – I really appreciate it. Will try to be regular, and eventually drop by to report my progress – especially when practicing my sports. Both speedskating and playing wide receiver demand a lot of strength from the ankles – and football is a risky sport, so having stronger ankles will help prevent injuries that could make me quit not only football, but also skating. Keep posting videos, I’m now a subscriber!

  13. Awesome feedback! Never thought about doing it that way. I will have to play with that in the future.

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