A Vegetarian Invented the UFC MMA BJJ Ultimate Fighting Brazilian JiuJitsu Gracie Barra – Gracie Diet – Not Paleo Lowcarb Crossfit Fad Scam – 8

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A Vegetarian Invented the UFC MMA BJJ Ultimate Fighting Brazilian JiuJitsu Gracie Barra – Gracie Diet – Not Paleo Lowcarb Crossfit Fad Scam – 8
Joseph Pilates
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was invented by a Vegetarian. His name is Rorion Gracie. It is the origin of octagon cage fighting and modern mixed martial arts as we have come to know it today in the octagon. The vegetarian also created the practice of cage fighting in an Octagon, the octagon was also invented by the vegetarian.

You may have heard of Gracie Jiujitsu. This was invented by Rorion Gracie’s father, Helio Gracie, of the Gracie Family, the forefather of Gracie Barra. Helio Gracie, the inventor of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu GJJ was also a vegetarian.

Uncle Carlos is Carlos Gracie, brother of Helio Gracie, a vegetarian and that is who developed BJJ, Brazialian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ is a must-learn technique for every MMA fighter in the UFC today, if not in the world. That is, if they want to win, the meat-eater had better learn what was invented a hundred years ago by a Vegetarian man or they won’t last the ring.

Pollo-Vegetarian Royce Gracie also won the very 1st UFC #1! And the vegetarian had to fight those who weighed up to 250+ pounds! Not only did he beat all the other meat-eaters, he beat all the other meat-eaters in 1 night!

And then to prove it wasn’t an accident, he did it again! A vegetarian also won UFC #2 and vegetarians have been dominant in the UFC ever since, though you may not know it just like you probably didn’t know vegetarians invented it.

Vegetarian Mac Danzig beat all the other meat-eaters to take the belt on THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER. Danzig is not just vegetarian, he is vegan, and he was the largest, most massive muscular man on the entire show.

Vegetarian Nick Diaz also won THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER. So did Nate Diaz, also a vegetarian. The StrikeForce middleweight champion Jake Shields is a vegetarian. Heavyweight Frank Mir ate vegetarian at 280 pounds. Randy Couture beat 6 foot 8 Tim Sylvia and Couture trains on an alkaline plant-based diet. The EliteXC martial arts belt holder is a vegetarian. UFC fighter Aaron Simpson is a vegetarian. Jon Fitch ranked #2 in the world at the current time is vegetarian. Ben Saunders MMA fighter is a Vegetarian. Luke Cuomo who made it to the semi-finals and the finals on The Ultimate Fighter eats vegetarian. WEC champion Urijah Faber trains on a plant-based diet. MMA fighter Kyra Gracie is vegetarian. Ryron Gracie of the Gracie Mixed Martial Arts clan is vegetarian.

Penny Thomas, the world Brazilian Jiujitsu womens champion is vegetarian. Nicolas Gregorades of the Jiujitsu Brotherhood fighting academy is virtually all vegetarian. Shanti belha, 2-time world Brazilian Jiujitsu fighting champion is vegetarian. Ahmed El Ghandouri, Brazilian Kiujitsu Black Belt is a vegan.

Dave Meyer of the American BJJ Academy and a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Machado–is vegetarian.

The original ultimate fighters the roman Gladiators were mainly vegetarian. Kung Fu was developed by the Shaolin Monks who were vegetarian. The very Art of Martial Arts itself was invented by Bodhidharma who was from India, and was a vegetarian.

Bellator Fighting Championships Ricardo Moreira is a vegan. Eric the Bengal Castile, in the UFC is a vegetarian. Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson is now a vegan. StrikeForce fighter and NFL Football player and Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker is a vegetarian. The Dream3 Grand Prix Fighting championship belt is owned by a vegetarian.

The TITAN Fighting Championships fight winner Jason High is a vegetarian. Vegetarians are now ranked in the top 2,3,and 5 spots in the best p4p in the world in the UFC welterweight division, meaning that vegetarians hold 66% of the top rankings in the UFC’s welterweight division. Antonio McKee who established Rampage Jackson’s Gym is a vegan. AKC trains vegetarian UFC fighters. Noah Hannibal "The VEGAN TANK" is a vegetarian powerlifter who beat all his other opponents and took gold in the Australian Powerlifting championships. MMA Fighter Dale Hart is a vegetarian and has an unblemished 5 and 0 record. All wins.

MMA fighter Erik Purcell is a vegetarian. The vegetarian Purcell just beat 6 foot 6 inch Aaron Skates at the Reality Fighting Championships. King of the Cage fighter Tom Kenny is vegetarian.

UFC Heavyweight contender Shane Carwin is now training vegan. Heavyweight 120kilogram Jan Muller is vegetarian. JiuJitsu champion Henry Atkins is vegan. MMA Fighter Georgi Krakhanyan is vegetarian.

Finland fighter Harri Nieminem is vegetarian. So is James WIlks, vegetarian UFC fighter from England in the UK.

And many more. You probably didn’t realize that so many UFC fighters and current belt holders and MMA champions were vegetarians, because they are often not preachy about it and don’t make it known, but they have recognized the best most-athletic and muscular endurance diet for athletes and UFC fighters is plant-based vegetarian and vegan. Your cardio power shoots through the roof. You can out-last, out-hit, and out-muscle other opponents who don’t know what hit them. Plus, nobody wants meat-eaters to find out that a vegetarian diet is better, that’s like giving away the secret, so vegan and vegetarian fighters sometimes keep tight lipped and let meat eaters continue to post and convince all the others that meat or steak is what you need before a fight, that way their opponents will gas, get tired out, be weak and not have any strength, and once again lose do to a meat-based diet. Lowcarb is even funnier since you can actually get opponents to go around eating bacon, sausage, and piles of fat and get them loaded down, obese, and likely to fall over, that is if they even make weight. Likewise the Paleo Diet has now been found fake and scientifically wrong, proven wrong by actual Paleontologists. Turns out the original discoverer of Australopithecus, a real paleontologist revealed man’s ancient ancestors were vegetarian, including Australopithecus africanus, Paranthropus boisei, Ardipithecus ramidus, all vegetarian ancestors of man that came millions of years BEFORE paleo man. Turns out the Paleo Diet was fabricated by a "gym teacher" who was not even a paleontologist and was never on even 1 archeological dig.

The Paleo Diet was ranked 24th by experts in nutrition, problem is there were just 24 in the list for review, which means The Paleo Diet came in LAST place, the worst diet of all. –Yes, the Paleo Diet was found deficient, pseudo-scientific nonsense made to appear like it was scientific, and the Paleo Diet lost and landed in last place as the worst. This is also a reason why crossfit has become the laughing-stock of the athletic and fitness world, akin to the shake-weight of fitness. Or the mullet. Crossfit fitness centers often have what’s called a "puke bucket" lying around. They like to claim this as somehow being proof that their workouts of little light burpees and things is ‘so tough’ but really it’s just because crossfit people start eating the Paleo Diet and it tastes so bad and is so horrible for fitness and athletes that they vomit it back up. All kinds of partially digested meat and so forth, right there in the gym when they work out. Didn’t know this? Do a search for "Crossfit Puke Bucket" you’ll see it. They even wear T-shirts bragging about puking on it in crossfit, because the paleo diet tastes so bad. Imagine how much worse it tastes on the way back up. Robb Wolf recommending sausages and things. Great for sausage-lovers probably, but not real ironmen or mma fighters or real athletes.

Crossfit is pretty much like ladies’ pilates. MovNat is like having someone come over and do your housework, carrying out the trash, and mopping up the bathroom for you. In any case, the foods recommended by the gym teacher who peddled the Paleo Diet were found nutritionally deficient, and Paleo Diet foods have now been linked to colorectal cancer (cancer of the butt). This is why Paleo and Crossfit have become ridiculed as ‘so silly not even a caveman did it’. Referring to the fact that the Paleo Diet told to people in the books is NOT even what paleolithic man turned out to eat. For instance, on a real paleo diet, you’d have to eat maggots in your meat, afterall, paleo man scavenged putrifying meat. Also you can’t refrigerate your meat, on a paleo diet, then you’ll need to keep your meat outside, in the hot sun, because paleo man originated in Africa. So on Paleo you’ll need to eat luke warm rotted meat, brimming with botfy maggots in it. Oh, and you can’t drink treated disinfected water, cavemen didn’t have tapwater out of faucets, sorry. Nor bottled water. So if you’re on paleo you’ll have to drink out of some watering-hole where animals wash themselves.

Drinking feces ound delicious? If you think so, then Paleo is for you. Just don’t expect girls or the ladies to be around you because unlike vegetarians, men on a Paleo Diet it’s been shown to cause horrible B.O. stink and odor. Oh, and paleo man didn’t have a toothbrush. So ladies, if your boyfriend ot date is paleo, look forward to low stamina, offensive Body Odor smells, cavemen didn’t have showers, and getting close to a mouth full of bacteria because paleo man didn’t brush their teeth.

Vegetarians do not have this problem. And last longer, were scientifically measured in tests to have More Testosterone than meat eaters, smell better, comb their hair, and have higher stamina, and endurance. And better protectors. Afterall, vegetarians invented Martial Arts, BJJ, and the UFC.


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