How often can i do Pilates?

Question by ats02171: How often can i do Pilates?
I heard that the creator of Pilates meant foe it to be done everyday? is that true? I also heard that in 30 days you have a brand new body.
My goal isn’t to lose weight i’m happy eing a big girl. i would like increased flexiiblity and a strong core.

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Answer by Brian
All depends on how intense the sessions are
what you eat
how much rest you get (8hrs suggested, muscle doesn’t build while you’re awake)

I would not suggest going more than 3 days in a row. So workout 3 days, rest 1 day, workout 2 days, rest 1 day. Lather, wash, rinse, repeat.

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  1. Depends on the level of muscle excertion (which i don’t see as being super harsh in Pilates anyway) Heavy weight lifting requires at least 24 hours rest between workouts, but i don’t see pilates anywere near that level of work.

    Don’t know how well I’d trust that claim…especially if you’re a beginner.

  2. Joseph Pilates the creator was sick and had asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever, when he was young. It was after this time that he began to dedicate his life to better health and wanted to be stronger. When he was 14 he was fit enough to post for anatomical charts because of his
    practicing of gymnastics and bodybuilding.
    He also believed that the core of poor health was brought on from poor breathing and
    terrible posture. His practice of Pilates is without question the most popular form of
    exercise today. It can be carried out on a daily basis but 3-4 times a week is plenty. It will help your core strengh and can help your posture.

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