Q&A: Is it best to do pilates in the morning or evening?

Question by ashleylr927: Is it best to do pilates in the morning or evening?
I know that it doesn’t matter when you do cardio because burning a calorie is burning a calorie regardless, but I think pilates may be different. I’ve been practicing pilates for nearly 2 years, and I’m comfortable with the moves. However, I’m stiff in the morning and can’t execute them as easily. I’m much more limber in the evening and get a more effective workout. The problem is that I have more time and am more consistent when I work out in the morning. Do I have to change my whole routine? Or is there a “warm-up” that I can do to improve my morning flexibility before I work out?

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Answer by Joe S
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  1. If you have more time and you are more consistent when you work out in the morning, then you should do it then and not the evening. I wouldn`t think you would need to change your whole routine, but i think its best to do your pilates in the morning anyway. Although you are not as flexible in the morning, you are probably making yourself more flexible by doing pilates then than if you were doing pilates in the evening.

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