Does the Winsor Pilates workout help me get rid of cellulite?

Question by Icey: Does the Winsor Pilates workout help me get rid of cellulite?
I have some cellulite on my legs, and I started doing this things called Pilates. Are they efficient against cellulite?

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Answer by NeoCheat
Yes, it is efficient against fighting cellulite.

Pilates is not an easy form of exercise. Nor is it an exercise that is for women, only. You must gain awareness of muscles and motor patterns of muscle movements that you may have never been aware of before. It takes practice and dedication to develop these skills. The more experience you gain with Pilates the more you will feel the most basic and essential level exercises. Pilates begins with some basic principles and builds from there into essential, intermediate, and advanced level exercises.

In the Pilates workout we are assuming that you have some knowledge of the mat Pilates exercises and how to engage the proper muscles. Due to the fact that Pilates can be a complicated form of exercise it is recommended to complete 10-20 private sessions before attempting to do the Pilates workout on your own. Now lets get started.

Warm Up to get connected with your core muscles with some deep breaths engaging the Transverse with each exhale and trying to hold it on with the inhale. Then with your breath move the pelvis from neutral to imprint focusing on staying engaged in the core.
Also draw awareness to your shoulder girdle by shrugging the shoulders up with the inhale and down into a stabile position with the exhale.

AB PREP 8 reps knees bent, arms at side, inhale to prepare then flex the spine into the ab prep position, inhale to hold and exhale to lower down. Repeat ab prep 8 times.

EXTENSION 5 reps lie prone, legs together, belly pulled up toward the spine, arms bent up with palms overlapping under the forehead, keep forehead on the hands and inhale to prepare, exhale to extend, lifting up slightly. Hover just above the surface with upper traps relaxed, inhale to hold, exhale to return.

HUNDREDS 10 sets of 10 lie supine with legs in a table top position, arms at side. Inhale to prepare, exhale to flex spine. Pumping the arms, inhale for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts, repeat 10 times. Stay in the flexed position with the back imprinted.

SPINE TWIST 5 reps to each side seated with legs straight out and together. If you cannot sit upright with straight legs sit on a block to take the tension out of the hamstrings. Arms out to the side, inhale to prepare, exhale to twist, inhale to rotate. Repeat to the other side.

SHOULDER BRIDGE 10 reps each leg lie supine, knees bent, your feet lined up with sit bones and arms by the sides. Inhale to prepare, exhale to lift the hips up, inhale to lift one leg straight up, exhale to lower that leg down to the height of the bent leg, then lift it right back up. Do 10 reps each leg.

SIDE LYING LEG LIFT 10 reps each side lie on side, legs stacked on each other. Inhale to prepare, exhale to lift the legs together, inhale to lower. Keep legs together and straight. Repeat on other side 10 reps

SHELL STRETCH roll to a prone position and push back to sit back on heels with arms stretched out over head. This is similar to fetal position. If shoulders are tight you can keep your arms down at your sides.

This is just a simple Pilates workout that can be done everyday. This Pilates workout is a balance of flexion, extension, rotation, hip extension, and side flexion. You can certainly add additional exercises to this Pilates workout to make it more challenging, but this is a good starting point. This workout can be done anywhere and can be really helpful if done in the middle of your work day to stretch muscles that routinely tighten up while seated at your desk.

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