5-Exercise Pilates Abs Workout

diet.com Try this Pilates Abs Sequence using a Foam Roller at home. This video features an intermediate pilates ab series with Lisa Johnson and Sarah Dussault. Browse free sample meal plans: www.diet.com Check us out on Facebook: www.facebook.com
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22 thoughts on “5-Exercise Pilates Abs Workout

  1. You made a perfect ab workout video!!! It has pumped up music to keep you going, and you give us 30 sec timed breaks!!! I love it lol…n ur great at instructions!

  2. LOVE this! I’m definitely getting one those rollers now. But question, what are the recommended sets and reps for these workouts? You didn’t say in some, and I don’t want to assume too low or too high.

  3. Hi, Sarah and Lisa. Would this ab sequence be better if done along with 30 minutes of cardio exercise, or performed separately after a brief warm-up? When combining cardio with strength training and/or pilates, I always worry about tiring my muscles too much to make the exercises as effective as they should be. Then again, doing them back to back is sometimes recommended.

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