Q&A: What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Question by animallover: What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?
I am looking for a non-fussy exercise that I can do at home. I would like to sweat a little from it, but the main thing is that I exercise my muscles safely (not interested in muscle building). I have tried a little bit of yoga, and I really liked how I felt afterwards. I really like the stretching, and breathing aspects. But, I am a Christian, and the spiritual aspect of yoga;the fact that it’s leaning toward Eastern religion, bothers me (no offense to those who believe it). Thanks for your answers!

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Answer by no habla spanol
i think they are same things. the way you perform is lil different.

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  1. i practise yoga but completely ignore the spiritual part. i haven’t looked into pilates. it looks like ashtanga yoga to me, plus a little aerobics. perhaps they have added something. but yoga is already pretty comprehensive. don’t be afraid of yoga just because of the spiritual baggage. just study the hatha part.

    (it is right to learn, even from the enemy – can’t remember who said that)

    i might add that I think your religion is bs and i would totally love it if you were helped so much by yoga that you started to question your religion (which has no such systems of self-improvement) but don’t pay any attention to that.

  2. they are not the same. Pilates is more repetitive than yoga, and i think it’s better for your physical strength.

  3. m not 100% sure, but i think pilates is more intence. more focused on muscles and gettign stronger/losing weight. yoga has all kinds of special moves that help with different things. ie: Yoga for P. M. focuses on relaxing and calming your mind, Yoga AM is energizing, theres yoga for stregnth and flexibility and all kinds of other stuff.

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