How do I get rid of my love handles(10 points best answer)?

Question by Katherine M: How do I get rid of my love handles(10 points best answer)?
I need some gym and equipment free workouts to get rid of my love handles.I want something easy and fun yet effective.

If you have any other suggestions,please feel free to share.

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Thanx a bunch and God bless!!

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Answer by BooBoo Bear
so sprints like go on the floor as if you are running a race and go back and forth with your legs.

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4 thoughts on “How do I get rid of my love handles(10 points best answer)?

  1. Do cardiovascular work, jogging, jumping rope is good also, very good infact.
    Drink plenty of water. And drinking ice cold water will make you burn calories because : the body will have to heat the ice cold water up to body temp, 27 degrees celcius, and will burn calories.
    Also dont eat for an hour before exercise so that the body is burning the calories of ur body not the food, and dont eat for an hour before sleep, same reason basically, the bosy burns calories while sleeping.
    Eat 6 small meals a day at regular intervals instead of a huge dinner, breakfast etc.

    good luck

  2. Your best bet is a combination of a healthy diet and cardiovascular/resistance training. Fat comes off as a whole so you won’t get rid of just your “love handles”, which is a good thing because you’ll experience total bodyfat reduction. Sprint intervals and jogging are probably your best bet. I would strongly urge you to just join a gym, but if not why don’t you just purchase some dumbbells too? They’re not too expensive and can go a long way.

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