How can I exercise to burn fat and slim down?

Question by =]: How can I exercise to burn fat and slim down?
In addition to eating healthy and drinking lots of water, i need to know how i can exercise to get slimmer. Alot of exercises (like pilates) do alot to strengthen abs, but i don’t want to have super defined and manly looking abs; i just want a flat stomach.(I’m a woman) I also want thin thighs rather than really muscular and bulky thighs. I am not overweight at the moment, i would just like to be a little thinner all around. How can i do that without getting too muscular?

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Answer by Wooba Wooba
The women who have REALLY defined muscles and “look like a guy” as you put it do a HELL of a lot more than pilates. Do lots of cardio exercise to slim down. Ride a bike, jog, use the elliptical, do pilates and aerobics, whatever you like.

Unless you are spending hours a day in a gym every day lifting weights the chances of you looking like a female bodybuilder are similar to that of you getting hit by lightning after you just won the lottery.

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