Q&A: Does pilates actually work? How fast do you see results?

Question by pinkfusion15: Does pilates actually work? How fast do you see results?
I really want to know if doing pilates does tone your body and how fast you can notice the results. Plus, does anyone know any good websites for pilates?

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Answer by funkydesign03
Yes it does, and the younger you are the faster you will see results from it, but no matter what your age you will benefit from it. There are tons and tons of web sites on the net so my advise is to be sure when you choose a program that they practice all of Joseph Pilates principles. He was the creator of it.

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  1. I started taking Pilates through the “parks & recreation” department in the city I live in. It cost about $60 for a 12 week course…much cheaper then going to a Pilates studio. I started noticing results in 2-3 weeks.

  2. Does it ever work! I’ve been doing yoga and pilates mostly every day for about nine or ten months now, and I’ve noticed a big difference in my body — and I was in pretty good shape before from running — and I feel stronger and buffer and actually happier. And my pilates teacher told me this: for most people, after ten classes, you feel the difference; after twenty classes, you see the difference; after thirty classes, other people see the difference.

  3. Yes, it is wonderful. Also a great travel workout. A good set of bands or straps can be made or purchased real cheap.

  4. yes of course it works, you’ll get results (or feel them anyway) immediately, but to see them it depends on how much you do. I had a bit of a dabble with it a few years ago and its not easy though, its really hard. No-one ever said excercising was easy! So no matter what u do its gonna hurt to get results. Who Dares Wins

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