What kind of pills can you take when ur always nervous and shake?

Question by Andre Jabaajredug: What kind of pills can you take when ur always nervous and shake?
Like in front of class when I had to do a presentation even just talking to someone I get extremely nervous so wat is good for that

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Answer by starr_perreault2001
Umm….. valium…. thats for anxiety.. but its a addictive narcotic drug. U wouldnt suggest. But if u have anxiey or shake a lot. Ummm…. try to do a breathing relaxing.. 😉 just close ur eyes and dont think of anything and slowly breath in thru ur nose and slowly out from mouth and do it for abt few mins.
Stress and anxiety cause that..it can be lacking of not having enough sleep too.

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  1. This is a very common problem. Your body is having an extreme “fight or flight” response to a situation you strongly perceive as threatening. Maybe the situation is really threatening. School aged kids often aren’t very nice. I had the same issue as a teen so bad I couldn’t catch my breath when I had to do a presentation. A medication like xanax or a beta blocker can help, but doesn’t get at the root of the problem. Really, the best way to deal with this is exposure to the situation over and over until you teach your psyche that you are not really in mortal danger. I did the xanax thing once and realized I wasn’t learning anything this way. I started taking any opportunity I could get to do public speaking in a supportive environment, like a class in public speaking for those afraid of public speaking. Toastmasters is a strong organization for those afraid to speak in public. Look into it. Counseling can be very helpful. Good luck to you. So many people have this problem that there is lots of help out there for social anxiety, which is what it sounds like you have.

  2. anything thats a benzo will be magical. xanax, lorazepam , diazepam – anything that ends with PAM is your bam. they are numerous.

    the second in that list is the least addictive as its longer lived – xanax is fast acting but short duration (panic attacks for example)

    xanax is the most abused so least prescribed now. You will prob get the second or one of numerous others if you went to see the doc.

    with any benzo you could make them much stronger by taking them with grapefruit juice though I’d be careful as it essentially doubles you down mg wise and makes them even faster.

    if you don’t want to see a doc there are natural sources of benzos like st johns wort for example. could try pills/teas a google search of natural/herbal benzos should be good.

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