What exercise do I need to do to get rid of this?

Question by Demonica™² Blood Thief: What exercise do I need to do to get rid of this?
Now that I getting to be 30 , my years of having a perfect butt are strting to take a turn
how can I explain this


look at this:


Im getting this triagle shape at the lower sides of my cheeks !

I want them GONE !

What excercises can I do ?

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Answer by katyrose
thats like all the fat dropping into the lower bit of your ass.
umm i dont know.. im guessing something to tighten your butt.

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6 thoughts on “What exercise do I need to do to get rid of this?

  1. That could be just where you put on weight…just lose a couple pound it will go away..you can’t really spot reduce..it’s kinda a myth.
    I wish I had a flat tummy….but two baby’s has done my flat belly in for good.

  2. This could be “chair butt” if you spend a alot of time sitting or in front of computer – get a different chair, change your position often or just get up and walk around. Another fix – compute lying down on your bed or couch with your laptop.

    Also, check out Pilates and Kundalini yoga (classes or dvd’s available @ Amazon).

  3. That’s actually not related to your advanced age (though that weird smell your coworkers politely mention in the restroom probably is)….

    This triangular flabbage is actually the result of your lover(s) squeezing/slapping your buttocks during intimate relations.

    I suggest limiting the backdoor lovin’ to 1 to 2x per month for the next 6 months and/or generally backing off on your overall level of whorishness and you should see great results. Send me pics at that point and if things haven’t improved greatly I will put you on a special program.

  4. Butt crunches. Hell, wait til you get to my age and that dang middle age spread sets in. LMFAO

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