How to get a better pointed toe for ballet?

Question by ~ Sarah: How to get a better pointed toe for ballet?
Okay, so at class today my teacher was having everyone sit down, legs out, and point our toes. And almost everyones touched the floor, and mine was barely there. My teacher also said we would be doing this for the audition to see who was ready for pointe. I need some excercises to improve my pointe fast so I can have atleast a slight better pointed toe.
Any help?

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Answer by Haylee Shay
when you’re sitting down with you legs out an toes pointed, have someone stretch/push them down to the ground. it works great.

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  1. What I do sometimes is stand up with my shoes off and press the top of my toes on the ground as if I was popping them. Also you can buy Yoga bands (sorry forgot what they are called). For these you sit down and opt the band around the ball of your foot and pull the band against your foot but push against the band with your foot. It might not seem to help when your doing this but it does. Also you could have someone push down on your feet. You sit down and point your toes and your partner puts there hand around the middle of your foot wrists together and the gently push down. You hold it down for about 30-60 seconds (you can do less if wanted) these have all helped me with my point in class 🙂 good luck

  2. So if you’re getting ready to go up on pointe, you’ll need to work on your strength as well as flexibility in your feet so you don’t injure yourself.

    Stretching your feet is a good start; try kneeling down with you hand flat against a wall, then gradually pull your knees uptowards your head so you are resting on the tops of your feet. Keep your hands on the wall for support and balance, and continue pulling your knees up till you get a good stretch (it shouldn’t hurt; if it hurts you’ve stretched too far). Hold it there for as long as you can, then release gently, A few of those each day will help. Alternatively, sit with your legs out in front of you and feet pointed and get someone else to gently push your toes down towards the floor – don’t let them go too far!

    To strengthen your feet, see if you can get hold of one of those stretchy bands they use in pilates; if you can’t an ordinary tea towel will do. You can do two things with this:
    1. Sitting with your legs straight in front of you, loop it round the ball of one foot and hold the ends back toward your body. Now try to point your foot as hard as you can; do several reps then change feet.
    2. Either standing up or sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, lay the band or tea towel flat on the ground just in front of one foot. With that foot, using only your toes, scrunch it up towards you as much as you can, then switch feet. It’s surprisingly tiring!

    Hope this helps, just keep working at it and you’ll be on pointe safely in no time.

  3. 1. Have someone press down on your feet while holding a slight turnout so you don’t hurt yourself.
    This on helped me a lot:
    2. Put the balls of your feet on the floor like your crouching down, then out your knees on the ground and lean back in onto your toes.
    3. Get a Thera Band, and wrap it around your foot once. Grab both ends of the thera band, and go through this routine until you’re feet are too tired to do anymore. Flex, ball, point, ball, flex, ball, point, ball, flex. And so on.
    4. Wrap the thera band around your foot, stay standing, and turn the foot with the Thera band around it out. Pull the Thera band outward, so your foot is being held in turnout. Now fight the thera band and turn your foot parallel. Repeat!(: good luck!!

  4. When you are practicing all you can do is flex and point. Sit down with both legs straight on the floor and then point and flex your toes for a minute. Point your toes and each time see if gets lower

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