Excercises and food that helps you to look like an model?

Question by Mary: Excercises and food that helps you to look like an model?
Hy,I’m a girl and I want to look like skinny models (img models) . For example,monika jagaciak. I go to the gym almost every day,and I want someone to tell me what am I supposed to eat,how to exercise,and so on. No muscles(not too much,just a little bit).I need someone who goes to gym and someone who can tell me which exercise equipment is best for some body part,and so on . Thank you very much,and sorry for my bad English.

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Answer by George
Go to youtube.com and type in Dr. Neal Barnard. He has a lot of videos you can watch. I recommend his series of 4 short videos, total time under an hour.

He scarcely mentions exercise in the videos, but he’s very much in favor of it.

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  1. Hi Mary
    you didn’t say what your body shape is now or what type of exercise you do?
    Taking skinny models as a role model is not something I would consider healthy or something I would encourage! You should aim instead for a nice toned body without looking unhealthy and skinny!
    I am skinny (and tall) myself and I have never been to the gym. The only thing I do is Yoga, because this keeps your muscles nice and toned without building up bulk. Plus its very relaxing and energizing! Have a look on the site at the bottom for some inspiration!

    Look for some yoga classes in your local gym, or if you prefer traditional workout, try to find some personal trainer who will give you clear instructions what body parts you need to work on!


  2. YouTube has a lot of exercise demonstration videos. You can do a search for a specific body part, such as “Abdominal exercises”, “Chest Exercises”, “Glute Exercises”, etc. Keep in mind you can tone different body parts, but exercising won’t reduce them if there’s a layer of fat. Fat loss can be managed by doing cardio exercises (such as running, swimming, biking, etc) and by limiting excess calories, especially from “junk” foods such as white flour and white sugar foods.

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