Q&A: What is a good daily workout routine?

Question by Josh: What is a good daily workout routine?
I want to strengthen my abdominals, shoulders, pectorals and arms. I have a pair of weights thats about it. I currently do 200 situps a day followed by bench press action and bicep curls. Is that enough to get into shape bare in mind i do cardio daily?

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Answer by poisonedflower
21’s, skull crushers, bench press or you might have to do db press, military press, pullups (if you don’t have a pullup bar or anything suitable at home go to a park sometimes they just have pullup bars if not they have monkey bars or you can do a supine pullup just be careful, wrist curls, shrugs, static curls, 1-arm tricep kickbacks, dumbbell flies, front lateral raise with rows, rotators cuff http://www.all-about-arm-exercises.com/exercises-for-rotator-cuff.html, rhomboid pushup, lateral raise to the side, concentration curls, side-lying tricep pushup (you use body weight), tent pushups

Look up arms exercises using just dumbbells or body weight

Two great sites
Make sure you get the transverse abdominus
Plank, Plank pose with leg lift or examples of exercises

Ab exercises are about quality not quantity. Focus on your form, make your you are targeting the abs and not using your back or legs to execute the movement, keep the movements controlled make sure not to use momentum. I personally do 12 reps of each exercises or 2 sets of 12 where I repeat my whole circuit. I work my abs 30 minutes 3 times a week, but you can do so for 8 minutes a day whatever you preference. Don’t just be mindlessly doing situps and crunches you need to be doing a variety of exercises and get some isometric holds in there.

Some legs exercises building your legs will help you burn more bodyfat and help you obtain the 6-pack
Pistol squat, walking lunge, 3-position calf raise, step ups (on bench, table whatever you have), 1-legged deadlift, reverse lunge with knee raise, plie squats, inside/outside hops (you can hop through tires or just imagine), deadlift with dbs (you do a bent leg version if it gives you back pain to be strait-legged), donkey calf-raise, lateral step ups, jump (onto platform), curtsey lunge, bridge pose (1 min.), chair pose (30 sec. 3 times)

Some exercise videos to consider
P90X or Athlean-X

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