POP Pilates: Total Body Bangin’ Workout

http://www.blogilates.com This is a THANK YOU workout for all of my fans in the Blogilates Community. You guys make me smile. CLOTHES: – Top by Nike – Basic …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “POP Pilates: Total Body Bangin’ Workout

  1. You kicked my butt. I kept yelling “Whyyyy?!!” and “This girl is fit as F***!” at the screen. I made it through, though! Thanks!

  2. her vs angel booty one, her what makes you bootyful and bubble butt are really great ones. also her buttlift pilates for beginners! she has a ton of beginner workouts with Livestrong!

  3. It would be so so so so SOOO Awesome if you made a Michael Jackson workout, with songs and MJ-inspired moves..oh God..this would be…woaaahh

  4. cassey I’m a beginner, and I did this one and it’s great but which one should I do for my butt? i want to tighten it! thanks

  5. Looking for new fitness routines? Check out my Health & Fitness Channel. New workout videos daily 🙂

  6. Started this then ran back to the Pilates for beginners video lol. This was too much for me. Not sure how long I’ll stay on the beginners video before moving on to this.

  7. Cassey! When streching in your second position reaching over, turn your head and look up toward the sky. It will open up your reaching arm and really strech out the sides. Thank you for Pop pilates! I love the workouts!

  8. help me, i used to do this all the time and it made me sweat. i stopped for ages and am trying to start again but its not making me sweat! WHY IS IT NOT MAKING ME SWEAT i am not feeling it and especially the half-cobra pushups i am doing them wrong.
    HELP ME I want to be able to do the video properly again, i dont know why im not burning or doing the moves properly 🙁

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  11. I love your videos! My back pain is almost completely gone and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before! Thank you! 🙂

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