Q&A: How can I tell if I’ll ever be flexible?

Question by Luxecashmere: How can I tell if I’ll ever be flexible?
I’d love to be flexible but I’m not sure if my body will let me (I’ve tried yoga and pilates- nothing). Is there a way to tell if I can be flexible?

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Answer by pumpkin head
Anyone can be flexible, it just takes training and time.

Tip: Try yoga / pilates etc after a hot shower. It will warm up the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your body, giving them more ability to stretch and twist.

Also, dont push yourself too hard. Forcing it may cause tears or breaks – which never heal to their original strength and cause scaring.

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  1. How can you tell if a tree is growing? You measure it periodically.

    How can you tell if your weight is decreasing? You step on the scale, read the number and compare it to the previous readings.

    How can you tell if you are getting more flexible? You keep close track of your daily progress and note even very small changes, small improvements in flexibility.

    Let’s suppose you’re sitting on the floor, legs straight ahead, knees unbent. You reach out in an attempt to grab your feet without bending your knees, to put your head on your unbent knees at the same time. The lady in the yoga video did it, so why can’t I, right?

    Well, try not to let that kind of thinking interfere with your own efforts. Just take note of the small gains you make, and be proud of yourself for each of them. If you could only go as far as your shin during this stretch, try to move your hannd a quarter of an inch closer to your foot. As long as you continually try to stretch just a little beyond your old barriers, you are winning the flexibility game.

    Go to your point of maximum stretch for each stretch you do, then try to go just a little beyond it, and hold it for about fifteen seconds. This is the kind of stretching that will make you more flexible in the long run.

    Yoga, or a variation thereof, is the method of choice for most fitness professionals coaching flexibility. Pilates is a kind of yoga as well. Joseph Pilates, the founder, was a yoga devotee.

    You really might benefit from a class in either one, but you can do it on your own too. I have posted a couple of sites that will get you started in the right direction. You can begin for free, on your own, by going to ether site.

    Just remember: keep stretching beyond your own limits, a little at a time.

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