I ordered the Winsor Pilates Workout System. Does it actually give the consumers the claimed benefits?

Question by Nini: I ordered the Winsor Pilates Workout System. Does it actually give the consumers the claimed benefits?
I recently ordered the Winsor Pilates System, the $ 85 one! I just hope that it wasn’t just a waste of money. I still yet have to try it, I am just waiting for it to come. Anyone out there who has tried it and actually gained some results, please let me know. It claims that it tones muscles, gives good structure to the body, helps to lose weight, etc. Does it actually do all that?

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Answer by Tamara J
yes it works i have been doing it only the cheap one it doesn’t look like it to you that you loosing weight but it will to other people but you have to keep it up because it won’t work 3 times a week and its great i just had a baby and i have been toning up doing winsor pilates.

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  1. The best workout is the one that you will do, so if you’re willing to make an commitment to Winsor Pilates, you will see many benefits! As long as you put in the effort, watch your form, get in your cardio, and eat properly, you will see results and changes in your body and perhaps even posture and attitude. Consistency and dedication are key to results. If you bring those to Winsor Pilates, then, yes, it really works. If you don’t, then it doesn’t.
    The women shown in the infomercial who dropped down multiple sizes watched what they ate and added cardio activity. I’ve talked to a few people who were part of groups for infomercials, and it’s quite common for them to be on regimented diets and to supplement the exercise video or equipment sold with additional exercise. That said, someone who is diligent about nutrition, cardio, and the exercise in question could have similar results.

    Winsor Pilates is not significantly different from the other Pilates programs out there. All derive from the exercise system devised by Joseph Pilates. The benefits of Winsor Pilates are its availability and accessibility. Mari Winsor claims to have a special sequence, but really it’s not that big of a deal for most people, although I’ve read about a few people who do find her build-up helpful.

    I see no reason not to give Winsor Pilates a try. It may work for you. If it doesn’t, know that there are so many other varieties of Pilates out there. I personally like to use a mix of Classical Pilates, Stott Pilates, other personal takes on Pilates, and even some fusion workouts.
    I find that with regular Pilates practice (2-5x/week, depending upon the type of Pilates I do and my current exercise regimen), my pants fit more loosely, but I personally don’t lose weight with Pilates alone. I do see results, however.
    Joseph Pilates said that in 10 session you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see a difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body. For the most part I found that true, although no one can escape their genetic destiny in terms of body type. That said, I moved in a different way and saw my body differently, so in that sense I did have a whole new body. My results from Pilates are subtle. My core (abs and lower back) are so much stronger. I have better posture, and I have less lower back pain and even tension. Pilates helps me train the muscles that pull in my tummy, acting like a natural “control-top” or girdle. I’ve seen some increases in flexibility, too. And Pilates has helped me gain confidence in my body.

    If you’re looking for more information on Winsor Pilates and other Pilates workouts, I highly recommend CollageVideo.com, where you can see previews of the videos they have in stock and read customer reviews; VideoFitness.com, where you can read consumer reviews of a ton of videos and ask questions on their forum; and YourExerciseDVDs.com, where you can read professional reviews of a number of videos.

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