What exercises work well to shred your abs?

Question by Michael C: What exercises work well to shred your abs?
Any good exercises besides the normal-everyday ab exercises? I mean, everyone has their own tricks and exercises that work for them. Any tips?

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Answer by hunsbunstonsoffun
Most important little trick you can do?

Do any of the exercises, crunches, sit ups, butterflies, whatever, but keep your lower back pressed into the floor AT ALL TIMES. I mean like hold it down, you’ll notice you won’t be able to work out as long or do as many. It’s really hard, but this builds your core strength, which helps you stand taller and helps from back-pain too!

Not enough people know how important it is, but it REALLY helps!

Also try taking some Pilates classes! All they do is focus on the core muscles and they teach a LOT of new moves to help!

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