What is a good exercise – workout book for beginners and recovering from illness?

Question by Susan: What is a good exercise – workout book for beginners and recovering from illness?
I am looking for a decent book that give beginner workouts or exercise options for beginners. I am still recovering from my cancer treatments last year. I am starting to finally get the old me back but my exercise needs to starts slow. I don’t really need to lose any weight, maybe 10 lbs (I lost alot with the chemo and radiation) But I need to get my body, muscle etc more fit.

The lack of energy and daily body aches are making it tough to get started. Any good workout books for starting over.
Yes the doctors have ok’d me to exercise they said that would help with some of my aches, but to take it slow at first since I haven’t been able to do much the past 2 years. I do try to walk around the block it seem 15 minutes is my limit right now.

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Answer by Meg
I am sorry to hear that you have been ill. Have you received the OK from your doctor for exercise? If so, what about starting with walking and swimming? These are good overall body exercises and you can take them as easy as you wish, while still getting some good exercise. The swimming supports the joints, while giving your muscles a good workout.

With walking, you can start out really easy, with 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back. If you are already past this stage, then make it as long as you wish, just don’t overdo it. Keep a record of your time or distance and see if you can improve on this from week to week. For instance, if you do 10 minutes walking Monday, Wednesday and Friday of one week, see if you can do 15 minutes the following week. Or do the same distance and try and improve on your time.

With swimming, you can do pretty much the same. Swim a length or two, or swim for 10 minutes. one week, then 15 minutes the next week. Again, keep a log of what you are doing and try to improve from week to week. If you can’t improve one week, don’t worry, we all reach plateaux.

If you like classes, what about trying Pilates or yoga? Both those give good stretches, which will help with flexibility and strength.

Once you have made a start, especially if you go to classes, you will know better what you like and what you can do and will be in a better position to find a book. Also, if you get any physio or occupational therapy help, ask them to recommend a book. The best books I like cover walking / running and also stretches. I did a search on Amazon under “books” both on stretches for beginners and exercise for beginners and found some good products there. There are also DVDs available which are useful because you get to see HOW to do a particular exercise.
All the best with regaining your fitness and strength.

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