Will pilates help me to gain muscle and tone?

Question by Nicole: Will pilates help me to gain muscle and tone?
Recently I decided I wanted to get in shape and lose some of the excess fat on my body. I am around 5’2” and weighed about 120 roughly three weeks ago. Since then I have been hitting the gym regularly for about 40 minutes and eating a lot healthier. I have cut back on my calories, carbs, and sugars. Currently I weigh 116 although my weight itself doesn’t mean as much to me as how I feel and look. Two weeks ago I decided to pull out an old pilates tape I had from years back. I want to start to tone more and was wondering if the pilates will help me to do that? I really want to get more tone and definition in my body. Thanks!!

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Answer by Tom
Tone, Yes Muscle, No

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  1. Pilates, the exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates, employs techniques that train the body to work with the mind. Through a series of stretching, breathing, and muscle toning techniques, Pilates is designed to improve the body’s flexibility, balance, and muscle tone. While Pilates may be a great way to implement low-impact exercise into your workout, Pilates is not a cardiovascular workout and is not designed to promote weight loss on its own.

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