i have questions about king arthur does anybody know who was lancelot?

Question by Reyna: i have questions about king arthur does anybody know who was lancelot?
also who is lucius?who is joseph of arimethea?and thomas malory?

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Answer by the_lipsiot
Lancelot was Arthur’s best and bravest knight, who ran off with Guinevere, Arthur’s wife.

I don’t know who Lucius is.

Joseph of Arimathea allegedly was the keeper of the Holy Grail who came to England and on planting his staff into the ground, it sprouted leaves and became the Glastonbury Thorn.

Thomas Malory wrote “Le Morte D’Arthur” a collection of the legends of Arthur (plus some of his own stories) which became probably the best known source in English of the Arthurian and Grail legends.

Don’t be nasty Randy – Thomas Malory at least was a real character.
…and yes I know of the Roman Lucius, but I don’t know of one who was connected to Arthurian legend.

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  1. Sir Lancelot Du Lac (Launcelot)
    Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Benwick and Queen Elaine. He was the First Knight of the Round Table, and he never failed in gentleness, courtesy, or courage.

    Born in Spain in 4 BC, Lucius Annaeus Seneca was educated in Rome and became famous not only as a playwright, but as an orator and philosopher as well. He served as tutor to the young Nero, and when the boy became Emperor in 54 AD, he retained Seneca as his advisor.

    St. Joseph of Arimathea
    (Died Mid 1st C.)
    Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy disciple of Jesus, who, according to the book of Matthew 27:57-60, asked Pontius Pilate for permission to take Jesus’ dead body in order to prepare it for burial. He also provided the tomb where the crucified Lord was laid until his Resurrection.

    Sir Thomas Malory – the author of Le Morte Darthur, the Whole Book of King Arthur and His Noble Knights of the Round Table.

  2. Lancelot was Arthur’s prize fighter; his champion. No other knight could best him in battle.

    However, Lancelot fell to the weakness of his flesh when he began an affair with Arthur’s wife; which is why he was not allowed to drink from the Grail when it passed him by.

    Joseph is the keeper of the grail, the owner of Jesus’s tomb (I think)

    Thomas Malory was a monk who wrote the story “Mort D’Arthur”, and is generally credited with the creation of the modern “King Arthur”. He created characters… Such as Sir Lancelot!

    The “real” Sir Lancelot was, as historians say, probably a Norman (French) mercenary.

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