What is the best way to become more flexable?

Question by J boi: What is the best way to become more flexable?
I used to be in Teakwondo… not to blow my own horn but i was really good at it a top of the class student. But due to money issues we dropped out and so its been a while since i have done anything close to it. So now i want to figure out how to get back into the shape i was in… will take any advice
Im not over weight im under weight… i just need to become more flexible ,and was wondering about any methods or stretches that could help?

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Answer by Ed
Yoga is the oldest and most effective system of promoting flexibility of body and mind. Since the two are intimately connected, it is necessary to work on both at the same time. Hatha yoga is the yoga that focuses most on the body, but it too is related to flexibility of mind,

For the best way to begin yoga that I”ve seen, that involves no expense, click on the first link in the source box. Yogaforbeginners.com will explain how to do many asanas–positions–without having to spend money on a class or tapes. If you decide to take a class after you have tried some of this on your own, that will speed up the process, but if you are diligent and self-aware, it doesn’t matter.

Another great method of promoting flexibility is Pilates, which Joseph Pilates invented about a century ago. It is a little more active than hatha yoga, but Pilates and yoga are cut from the same mold. Click on the second link below for more information regarding Pilates.

Since you haven’t mentioned which parts of your body are most inflexible, it is hard to recommend any specific positions or exercises here. However, I would start with the resources below to find specific exercises for specific parts of your body.

The main principle of improving flexiblity is to stretch the muscle to its maximum point up to the point of pain and hold it for about fifteen to thirty seconds. As Kahil Gibran said, “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

All my best to you in achieving a more flexible body.

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