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Special Offer 1   –  Joe Pilates’ Original 1945 Book of Exercises:

Special for Pilates Studios and Instructor Workshops:
10 Copies for $100 special offer
on the Original Joseph Pilates’ Return to Life through Contrology.
Just call our distributor (Atlas Books) and ask for this Special Offer.
Their phone number is 1-800-247-6553.
Just ask for the 10 for $100 Contrology deal, or give them Order code “9780961493790K”

If you want fewer than 10 copies, just call our distributor at the number above and ask for the 50% reduced offer (give them Order code PR50).

You can buy an individual copy of Return to Life through Contrology at Amazon:
Original 'Return to Life through Contrology'
Special Offer 2   – Five Star Amazon Reviewed Training for Expert Witnesses:

Expert Witness Training
Contains practical details about becoming, being, and succeeding as an expert witness. Includes explanations of qualifications, opinion formation and expression, and jury persuasion. Features 100+ tactics for use by professionals

“Expert Witness Training” at only $22.50 (50% reduction from the retail price):