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Pilates for Lean Legs & Toned Core – 33 Minute Pilates Workout Video by FitnessBlender.com

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Gaiam Strong Core And Back Kit Back Care

Gaiam Strong Core And Back Kit Back Care

Gaiam Strong Core And Back Kit Back Care

  • Unique peanut-shape supports the spine and lower legs
  • Stretch and strengthen your spine, alleviate back pain
  • Helps you increase range of motion, and correct posture and form
  • Anti-Burst CoreFit Ab Ball is free of the most harmful phthalates
  • Includes training DVD with two workouts and one stretching routine
  • Center Cradle for Maximum Comfort & Support
  • DVD Includes: 2 Ten-Minute Workouts + Bonus Downloadable Abs Workout
  • Easier to Balance & Maintain Form
  • Strengthens Core Muscles for Flat Abs and a Strong Back
  • Tone, tighten and firm hips, thighs and glutes

A BIGGER, BETTER BALL – Add confidence and stability to ball work with a bigger, more supportive ball. Its unique peanut shape makes it easy to handle and provides a connection to your core with every movement. And by making small adjustments to the ball’s placement and pressure, you can control the difficulty of the workout. Includes: DVD with Two Easy Balance Fitness Ball Workouts The two 10-minute routines increase in intensity as you go along. Each one features core stabilizing work throug

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 10.27

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