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Add Variety to Your Exercise With the Right Pilates Equipment

Add Variety to Your Exercise With the Right Pilates Equipment

Because of the popularity of Pilates or it’s other methods of exercise, such as the Stott, various Pilates equipment can be found at a fitness gym that can be used by anyone. And most of these pieces of exercise equipment can also be purchased for use at home.

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But before your click that mouse to start your online shopping, get to know each piece of equipment first so that choosing one would be easy and fun.

The Basics:

Pilates consists of numerous controlled exercise movements that are geared for strengthening the body and the mind. The necessary equipment for performing these routines is minimal. Typically, you just need a human body, a focused mind, comfortable clothing and floor mat.

• Mat – When choosing mats, consider their comfort and size. They should be thick enough to support your back and protect it from injury while you are exercising. They should be firm but comfortable and the size should be right to accommodate your every move.

• Apparel – comfort and fit are the two things that you should consider when choosing clothing for your Pilates workout. It should not be too tight to restrict your movements nor too loose to intervene with your moves.

Equipment That Will Add Pizzaz to Your Pilates Workout:

There are pieces of equipment that you can use to enhance your Pilates routine exercises.

• Reformer – a popular equipment among Pilates practitioners, this machine allows you to perform numerous exercises on different parts of your body and adjust your resistance levels. The basic features of this equipment are long metal bed, foot and head rest, arm and leg pulleys and jump boards. At the center of this equipment is a gliding platform which works together with pulleys, straps and springs to move your body with the aid of your muscles.

• Chair – a space-saving equipment designed with wheels to allow easy maneuverability and storage. This equipment allows you to do stretching to make your body flexible. It also helps strengthen muscle groups that usually cannot be accessed by conventional devices and training.

There are several types of chairs, famous of these is the Wunda which features small padded platform with two side bars with spring. You can do exercises on this equipment while sitting, standing or lying down.

• Rebounder – this piece of equipment targets the whole body to strengthen cardiovascular system, improve oxygen circulation and stimulate the metabolism. Some health benefits that you can get by using this device are preventing illness, obesity, reducing tension and enhancing the immune system.

• Ball – a burst resistance equipment that adds balance and leverage challenges on your exercise. It engages your core muscle to improve your balance and overall body condition. When choosing the right ball for you, find one that is proportional to your height and you can sit comfortably on.

• Ring – a versatile equipment because it can be used by anyone at any position and still give you terrific results. Pressing both sides of the ring forces you to exert pressure, thus building your resistance. Exercises that you can perform using the ring do not include cardiovascular workout, therefore you will not feel breathless or gasp for air.

To get the best results, orient yourself with the proper use of each of this device by watching a DVD of a workout that uses some Pilates equipment.

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