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Lastest Pilates Book News

Saturday Night Smile
Pilates book
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I had a good week. Work was hard this week, but I had a positive attitude, and that helped me work through it.

I did some good things this week:

–I did yoga everyday – focusing on both asanas and pranayama. It is refreshing me. I am seriously researching yoga teacher training, and this gives me a new excitement. I feel that the best way to prepare myself for this is to fully immerse myself in it…

–I read three books this week. Two were about yoga / meditation, and one was about voluntary simplicity. I learned a valuable lesson from each book.

–I ate delicious whole foods this week that I prepared with my own hands.

–I exercised everyday; the aforementioned yoga, as well as hiking on Monday, weightlifting on Tuesday, Pilates on Wednesday, Row machine on Thursday, and Spinning on Friday. Today was a day of rest. Tomorrow is the Weekend Hike…

–I got a haircut on Wednesday, and a bonus head massage from my sweet stylist.

–I went out for brunch with Kris today. It was lovely. We have a date tonight to see a movie. This makes me happy!

–I knit 8 inches on my sister’s cardigan today. Her birthday is in 16 days.

–I wore my cozy black turtleneck sweater and stayed nice and warm all day.

I end this week happy.

Lastest Pilates Book News

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Pilates book
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Explore Feb 7, 2009 #196

Mi amigo Txabi también me invitó a este juego.

1.Trabajo por dinero.
2.No me gustan los privilegios inmerecidos.
3.Por lo tanto prefiero a un Presidente antes que un Rey.
4.No soy creyente.
5.Así que desearía no morirme nunca.
6.Firmaría con el Diablo si su oferta fuera interesante.
7.Me atraen los vampiros (si son vegetarianos, mejor)
8.Suelo hacer Pilates, que me encanta, pero ahora estoy en un descanso.
9.Me hubiera encantado ser capaz de escribir un libro.
10.Me gusta la filosofía.
11.Me gustaría encontrar el sentido de la vida, aunque quizás ya lo sé y no quiero aceptarlo.
12.No me gustan los cambios.
13.Me gusta mi ciudad, Zaragoza. Pero me enamoré de Londres durante unas vacaciones.
14.Tengo un hermano y un sobrino, rubio y con los ojos azules.
15.Me cuesta mucho hacer confesiones.
16.Así que estas serán mis últimas confesiones en Flickr.

My friend Txabi has also invited me to this game.

1.I work for money.
2.I hate the undeserved privileges.
3.So I prefer a President than a King.
4.I am nonbeliever.
5.So I would prefer not to die.
6.I would sign with the Devil if his offer was interesting.
7.The vampires attract me (if they are vegetarian, best)
8.I use to do Pilates, I love it, but now I am resting.
9.I would have like to write a book.
10.I love philosophy.
11.I would like to find the sense of the life, or may be I already know and I prefer not to accept it.
12.I don’t like changes.
13.I like my city, Zaragoza. But during a holydays I fell in love with London.
14.I have a brother and a nephew, blond and with blue eyes.
15.It’s not easy for me to do confessions.
16.So these will be my last confessions in Flick

Mis primeras confesiones / My first confessions