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How often do you use your home gym equipment?

Question by Honey: How often do you use your home gym equipment?
If you have some, how often do you go on it (use it) and what type is it? I have a full gym with weights and everyting, but seeing that I am pregnant, it’s getting a lot of dust on it now. Though I pick up my cross trainer tomorrow. So excited!!! Great low impact workout…I think i’ll go on it every day,!! (well for at least for the next few weeks)

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Answer by Asfvfan
I use the equipment I have at home several times a week. A lot of it depends on the weather outside. If it’s nice out, I’d rather go run a few miles outside than do something inside.

I live in a small apartment, so I don’t have any fancy equipment, but what I have is more than enough to provide a good workout and keep me in shape. For strength training, I have several sets of free weights and resistance bands. Combined, one can do lots of different exercises and they don’t take up much room. I also have some exercise tapes, a step, and a mini stair stepper for days when the weather isn’t so great out. I also have a yoga mat and some accessories for yoga and pilates.

The equipment I have is cheap, small, but one can still stay in good shape without all the fancy equipment or having to go and pay for a gym membership.

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Q&A: What is your favorite exercise to do in your home?

Question by wilye21680: What is your favorite exercise to do in your home?
I’m looking for suggestions of things to do when I can’t make it to the gym in the winter or have to save time by working out at home one day. I have weights that are five pounds and lower, an exercise step, and a workout mat. I do live in an apartment with people below me, so I don’t want to jump around too much.

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Answer by Ziad
i like doing abs at home, but i have weights too, so benchpress is always good…but ur a girl so i dont think that would apply to u:P

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